I Started playing trumpet in Junior High school, but I loved the sound of certain funky bass lines, and I wanted to give it shot myself. Shortly after I started playing bass I wanted to try more difficult bass lines, and I soon became a Geddy Lee clone. I had the luxury of a large basement and skilled musicians that I practiced with, and we played Rush’s 2112 for over 2,000 people at our annual high school music concert.


I branched out after High School, wanting to play original music. I was influenced by Progressive Rock, as well as all the Synthesizer Guitar rock band sounds of the 80’S such as Yes, Journey, Loverboy, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Santana, and Zebop!


As I started progressing as a bass player I also started to become interested in developing other skills, such as arranging and collaborating, and the give and take which was seldom done well in the many bands I briefly played with. I was searching for good written material and people that were realistic, but I had a hard time finding what I was looking for. In those days I was able to perform in some nice studios in Los Angeles, such as Chaka Kahn’s studio, Studio 2, and a few other ones. The band I was in also ended up releasing a CD, but it never really went anywhere.


After a Bad Relationship I needed Jesus in my life. Prior to that time, I had thought of Jesus as being a spirit, but not a God that I could know personally. However, Jesus made Himself real to me, as I began to feel His Joy, and God let me know that there was even more joy than what I could comprehend, to the point where I wasn’t even able to speak momentarily.


After setting music aside for a year or two, some people I knew got me on to my first of a dozen or so worship teams through the decades. However, as I am now an empty-nester I also want to create and play music that has an edge to it, but is Christ-centered lyrically to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of people. The music of Stormwalker fits the bill!

I was born in California but grew up in Philadelphia. I have three older sisters whose music affected me a great deal. I remember hearing The Beatles, Al Kooper, Crosby Stills and Nash and many other artists. I drank it all in. My neighborhood had a bunch of guys who played guitar. I started playing guitar at 14, taking lessons from a well-known local teacher, John Dragonetti. Guitar became my world. Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck Clapton, and Alvin Lee became my heroes. I think other guys in my neighborhood progressed faster than I did, but I was determined. My neighborhood later ended up producing such ‘80’s bands as Cinderella, Brittany Fox, and The Hooters.

My dad died when I was 16 and we moved back to California. I started playing in bands around Northern California in my late teens. I intended to get into a successful band and ‘make it’. I played in a number of bands, but by the mid-‘80’s was in the band that I thought would really take off. We started getting great gigs opening for national acts, and occasional Headliners.

But a funny thing happened. The better the band did, the less happy I became. I didn’t understand. At this time I also started reading my Bible. Throughout the nomadic existence of being a local musician, I always took my Bible with me. You see, I grew up in Church, and though I knew The Gospel of Christ, I ran away from God to play music. By early 1987, it was clear God was calling me out of secular music to follow Him. I quit the band, doing my last gig as second-bill to Pat Travers. The Travers gig was unreal. Everyone in San Francisco music society was there. But I kept looking around the audience while onstage, wondering why I was so miserable.


Fast-forward a few years, and I found myself in a band doing Prison Ministry, Recovery Ministries, and outreaches. I found my musical mission. God now has me serving with the guys in Stormwalker, and I sense this is where I belong. I excited to share Stormwalker’s music with the Christian community and the world at large!

Ron’s musical passion is to serve the music.  “I LOVE to play the drums. I want to play each style authentically and with FIRE.  My goal is to help my band sound the absolute best that we possibly can, and make you feel inspired from within.”


As an accomplished educator and studio/live musician, Ron is a brilliant technician who feels that “technique” is not an end unto itself.


“Technique is merely our level of command of the language of music. The greater our command of any language, the greater our ability to effectively communicate. When we get together to talk over coffee, do we say everything we know as loudly and as quickly as we possibly can? Of course not. Active listening is the real foundation of true communication. Once we develop our listening skills, our technical command of our language then allows us to relax and more effectively exchange ideas and converse with one another. Knowing “what” to say, “when” to say it, and “how” to say it are the keys to becoming conversational when we make music with other players.”


Ron has extensively toured North America with PILGRIM, MIKE SILVA, and THE TOKENS (of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ fame), and toured internationally with the LUIS PALAU LATIN PRAISE BAND, alongside famed sax-man JUSTO ALMARIO and former Elton John guitarist CALEB QUAYE. Most recent LA and Seattle projects include progressive rockers “Volume IV”, “Little Harold”, “Scarecrow Messiah”, “Second Nature”, “Passage”, and the contemporary Christian ensemble “Of Dust”. His recording credits span every style of music imaginable.

As early as I can remember I’ve loved music. It runs in my family. My mom was an accomplished singer and dancer in her early years, and my day played saxophone for the very first Rock & Roll band in Tacoma, Little Bill and the Blue Notes. As a kid I was a huge Elvis Presley fan, and then in my early teen years I became a huge KISS fan. I can remember doing my best Gene Simmons impressions, as my friends and I would play air guitar to their music in our bedrooms.

I started to transition from pretending to play music to actually playing it when I was a sophomore in high school. My high school was having a talent contest, so some friends and I put together a band to compete in it. We did a song by AC/DC called “She’s Got the Jack”, and we ended up tying for 1st place. We were going to keep the band going after the contest, but my musical interest took a quite a different turn just after that contest when I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I felt that God wanted me to quit the band, because the music we were playing wasn’t consistent with my new life in Christ, so I made the hard call and quit the band.

I started developing my singing voice as a soloist in church, and jamming with friends in my youth group. In the early 90’s I became the lead singer in a Christian Rock band called Brigade, until eventually pursuing various solo projects. One of those projects included going into the recording studio to produce a demo that I was hoping to pitch to record companies to pursue a solo career.

However, after I finished recording the demo I felt God was calling me to lay down music to focus on my relationship with Him in a greater way. I had no idea at the time how long this hiatus from music would be, but it ended up being for a period of two years. In that time God did a deep work in my heart, and when I felt He gave me the green light to pursue music again it was as a worship leader at Mukilteo Foursquare Church, the church that I am currently pastoring where I have served as Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, and currently as the Lead Pastor.

I feel so blessed to a part of Stormwalker, because I get to create some great music with a group of guys who have become my closest friends. It’s amazing how we are able to collaborate and inspire one another musically and spiritually. We’re all committed to honoring God through our music, and our hope is to share Jesus, the Ultimate Stormwalker, through our music with as many people as possible.


Seattle, WA

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